The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) NSW Division is the professional
membership organisation that provides services and advocacy for those involved in delivering public
works and engineering services to the community. Members come from the wide range of
professions involved in public works and services and include: engineers, technicians, public works
directors, contractors, consultants, managers and strategic planners.


IPWEA (NSW) has been established as a charity with the purpose of advancing the public works
sector in Australia, particularly in NSW. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of NSW
communities through excellence in public works and services. We seek to inform, connect,
represent and lead public works professionals in NSW.


IPWEA (NSW) has a range of annual events specifically created for members as well as non-
members in the industry.

The Regional Forums
For nine consecutive years IPWEA (NSW) has organised and delivered the Regional Forums where IPWEA
(NSW) Staff, Roads  Transport Directorate Staff and Sponsors travel across the State and offer a full day
program in twelve different regions. A forum starts with people catching up over tea and coffee before a
Minister, local MP or Mayor addresses the audience. The Regional Forums attract more than 500 people
every year.

The Annual State Conference
The annual State Conference has a long and proud history over many years and continues to grow.
Numbers of exhibitors and attendees have more than doubled in only a couple of years. It is a two-and-
a-half-day conference where presentations are delivered in streams such as roads, bridges, water,
innovation, culture, project management, asset management, road safety, pavement and collaboration

The Local Roads Congress
The Local Roads Congress is hosted by the Roads Transport Directorate and LG NSW at Parliament
House in Sydney annually on the first Monday in June. This event attracts over 100 delegates every year
with the majority being elected Councilors. The Congress provides a forum for Councilors,
Administrators, General Managers and Senior Engineering Staff to access Ministers, Parliamentarians
and Senior State Government Staff to discuss issues and develop a Communique which is adopted at the
end of the day. This level of advocacy has seen strong government interest and recognition at both state
and federal levels.