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CIVENEX Governement And Infrastructure Stage

Across the Government Policy Summit and the New Infrastructure Summit, leading guest speakers, including representatives from the NSW Government, will present on upcoming plans for infrastructure projects, and government policies on energy, environment, health, housing, planning and the Australian economy.

Topics & Presentations:

  • State Government Strategy and Construction Procurement
  • Who wouldn't want more efficiency? Analysing the efficiency in construction
  • Australian jobs and Foreign Investment
  • Achieving energy efficiency in government buildings through program enforcement and mandatory policy
  • Social enterprise in the construction industry: Building better communities
  • Inquiry into increasing affordable housing supply
  • Can government policies on climate change adaptation and disaster resilience make a difference?

Topics & Presentations:

  • Major Infrastructure Projects 2.0 in the era of connection
  • Privatisation of infrastructure in Australia
  • Transformational Infrastructure Projects in Fast Growing Outer Suburbs
  • Housing diversity: Adapting 1.0 infrastructure for 3.0 lives
  • Can social impact investing solve the community infrastructure conundrum?
  • Asset recycling and infrastructure planning
  • Sydney infrastructure preservation and upgrades
  • Bidding on Infrastructure Projects – What evaluators look for?
  • Carbon Capture, Air Pollution Mitigation & Building Infrastructure

CIVENEX Infrastructure Management and Engineering Stage

At the Asset Management Summit, presentations involve topics related to building and infrastructure asset management and protection, ways to make the most out of your assets, why is it important to bring asset managers to the table earlier during the decision-making process, emerging technology, deep learning in asset management, asset protection.

This will be followed by The Engineers Summit which provides industry updates from top 10 engineering firms.

Topics & Presentations:

  • Asset management trends and application: compliance driven vs performance driven
  • Utilising Digital Transformation for Positive Change in Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Asset management framework for NSW local government
  • Application of evolving architecture frameworks for heavy rail asset management and safety assurance
  • Utilising Digital Transformation for Positive Change in Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Why It Is Never Too Early To Embark On Asset Management

Topics & Presentations:

  • How to smoothly integrate engineers, architects, landscape architects and project managers to successfully build and enhance community infrastructure?
  • Integrating Human Factors into Major Infrastructure Projects
  • The resilient engineer
  • Advanced Management in Civil Engineering Projects
  • Using Problem-Based Learning to Enable Application of Foundation Engineering Knowledge in a Real-World Problem
  • Civil engineering and urban planning
  • Leadership in construction